Thibbledorf Pwent


Pwent was known for wearing vicious-looking spiked armor. He was also known for never having ever taken a bath. He had an odor so foul that even other dwarves avoided standing too close to him. In one instance, Catti-brie rubbed his head in a fond manner and ended up with a film of stinking filth on her hand.


Pwent was a dwarf of tremendous character; held in high regards by many of his kin. In his initial arrival at Mithral Hall, Pwent was a thorn in the side of King Bruenor Battlehammer and many others. The berserker was loud, abrasive, and smelly (because of his intense hatred for bathing). However, because of his deep love for King Bruenor and his steadfast loyalty to king and clan, Pwent earned his place as a member of Clan Battlehammer, and eventually Bruenor’s personal bodyguard, one battle at a time.

Thibbledorf was known for his eagerness for and love of battle.4 He once begged the werewolf Bidderdoo Harpell to bite him so that he could also become a werewolf presumably making him even fiercer in combat and hairier to boot. Bidderdoo wisely refused the request.3

Thibbledorf Pwent

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