Regis was barely 3 feet (0.9m) tall9 and so chubby10 he earned the nickname “Rumblebelly”, given to him by his dwarven friend Bruenor Battlehammer.5 He had curly brown hair, and one of his fingers on his left hand was a stump due to being cut off by Artemis Entreri.[citation needed] When traveling, Regis typically wore a fine red shirt, brown vest, and breeches.10


Regis (jokingly called Rumblebelly by Bruenor Battlehammer) was the halfling member of the adventuring group known as the Companions of the Hall. He was reincarnated in 1463 DR as Spider Parrafin.

Regis enjoyed nothing so much as comfortable living, especially smoking his pipe and fishing.16 He could be quite subtle and equally crafty, though he was by no means cruel in any way. He grew wise over the course of his many misadventures and gained an ability to see things his friends often missed. Regis abhorred violence and did his best to avoid it. In situations where tasks were assigned of varying threat, Regis attempted to take the least dangerous option, something that his companions came to expect of him.17 However, when he had to enter battle, he tried to support his allies with sneak attacks against their enemies. After a battle was done, he believed in principle that the bodies of the fallen enemies must be searched.18 He felt that unlike the other Companions of the Hall, he was not a hero, and relied on them heavily.19


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