King Obould Many-Arrows


Obould was a large orc who was intelligent even by human standards. Considering that the blessings bestowed upon him calmed him somewhat he had become able to see things in a far broader perspective than any orc before him. This led to a change in orcish society under his leadership and the founding of Many-Arrows. Obould was known to have four wives and at least eight sons. It was said his only fear was that when he dies his sons will destroy all he has created in their fight to succeed him.


Obould was the king of the orcs of the Citadel of Many Arrows in 1367 DR. He lost this city when an orc horde led by King Greneire attacked the Citadel in the summer of that year. Though the horde had more than three times the number of orcs that Obould commanded, the Citadel held until Uktar when Greneire’s forces broke through the gates. Obould managed to slay Greneire in single combat but fled the battle due to grievous wounds suffered in the fighting. The Citadel was then lost when Clan Warcrown and troops from Silverymoon arrived to rout the exhausted survivors.[citation needed]

Obould retreated to Dark Arrow Keep where he plotted his return to the Marches whilst building a new horde. Infighting was rife in the Keep though and seven of his eight sons plotted against him. 3 of them, Scrauth, Araug and Brymoel, had the gall to do so openly! All the while Obould plotted to sweep back down south, Reclaim the Citadel of Many Arrows and from there, conquer Silverymoon and after that, his plan was to conquer all of the lands north of the Rauvin to create the empire of Obouldar.[citation needed]

Eventually, the murmuring of his troops about his apparent weakness was too much for him. In a rage, he put his plans into action, quite possibly killing the sons who plotted against him and realising his goal of uniting most of the orc tribes in the Spine of the World, also forging an alliance with Gerti Orelsdottr. He tested his army against the human settlement of Shallows and, despite many setbacks his forces easily won the day.[citation needed]

During the assault on Shallows the dwarf Pikel Bouldershoulder use his druidic power to build a ‘Trojan’ statue of Gruumsh to rescue King Bruenor Battlehammer, who was at Shallows, and attack the orcs.[citation needed]

During his next assault, this time on the dwarven settlement of Mithral Hall, he underwent a religious ceremony where he was blessed by the orc god Gruumsh, which gave him greater strength, speed, and intelligence (the strength of a bull and the speed of a wildcat), and made his name synonymous with that of the orc god. He became commonly referred to by other orcs as “Obould-Who-Is-Gruumsh”. Something changed within him though, and a desire for peace became gradually more apparent, much to the displeasure of many of his followers.[citation needed]

King Obould Many-Arrows

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